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Why 3 Strikes in a Row in Bowling is Called a Turkey

Why a Dollar is Called a Buck

Why A Gecko’s Feet Can Stick to Almost Anything

Why a Typical Work Day is 8 Hours Long

Why Ambulances are Called That

Why America is Called America

Why Amish Men Have Beards but Not Moustaches

Why are Ferris Wheels Called Ferris Wheels

Why are Police Officers Called Pigs

Why Association Football is Called Soccer in America

Why Bathing Was Uncommon in Medieval Europe

Why Beans Give You Gas

Why Blueprints are Blue

Why Breathing Helium Changes the Sound of Your Voice

Why Carbonated Beverages are Called Soft Drinks

Why Cashews are Not Sold in Their Shells

Why Cats Like Catnip

Why Championship American Football Games are Called Bowls

Why Chemotherapy Causes Hair to Fall Out

Why Chocolate is Bad for Dogs

Why Colonel is Pronounced Kernel

Why Coupons Sometimes Say They are Worth a Fraction of a Penny

Why Crackers Have Holes

Why Cutting Onions Makes Your Eyes Water

Why Dalmatians are the Traditional Firehouse Dog of Choice

Why Do We Call Homosexual People Gay

Why Do We Call Someone Who is Crazy a Basket Case

Why Do We Say Oclock

Why Does Hair Only Grow to a Specific Length

Why Does Toothpaste Make Things Like Orange Juice Taste So Awful

Why Doughnuts Have Holes

Why Eating Asparagus Makes Your Pee Smell

Why Engines are Commonly Measured in Horsepower

Why Garlic Makes Your Breath Smell Bad

Why Getting Kicked in the Testicles Causes Pain in the Abdomen

Why Golf Balls Have Dimples

Why Grapes are Bad for Dogs

Why Iodine is Added to Salt

Why is Hank a Nickname for Henry

Why is It Called a Booby Trap

Why is it Traditional to Christen Ships by Breaking a Bottle of Champagne on their Hulls

Why is New York Called The Big Apple

Why is Poop Brown

Why It is Nearly Impossible to Tickle Yourself

Why Its Common to Yell Geronimo When Jumping Out of a Plane or From a High Place

Why Leaves Change Color in the Autumn

Why Led Used to Be Added to Gasoline

Why Lobsters and Crabs Turn Red When Cooked

Why Mens Bikes Have a Horizontal Crossbar and Womens Bikes Typicall Dont

Why Milk is White

Why Mint Tastes Cold

Why Mosquito Bites Itch

Why Movie Advertisement Clips are Called Trailers

Why Multivitamins Often Make Urine Bright Yellow

Why Mustard is Yellow

Why One Bad Apple Will Spoil a Box of Apples

Why Paper Cuts Hurt So Much

Why Pencil Lead is Called Lead

Why people on planes and ships use the word Mayday to indicate extreme distress

Why Peppers Taste Hot

Why Pistachios were Once Commonly Dyed Red

Why Poindexter is a Popular Nickname for Nerds

Why Pop Rocks Pop

Why Popcorn Pops

Why Potatoes are Also Called Spuds

Why Proper Sterlization Procedures are Used During Lethal Injection Executions

Why Red Meat Turns Brown When Cooked

Why Rice Krispies Snap Crackle and Pop

Why Rock and Roll Music is Called That

Why Salt Enhances Flavor

Why Sideburns are Named as They Are

Why Soap Operas Are Called Soap Operas

Why Some Coins Have Ridges

Why Some Countries Drive on the Right and Some on the Left

Why Some English Speaking Countries Pronounce Z as Zed

Why Superheroes Wear Their Underwear on the Outside

Why Swiss Cheese Has Holes In It

Why take me out to the ball game is sung during the 7th inning stretch of baseball games

Why the Adam’s Apple is Called the Adam’s Apple

Why the Hottest Part of the Summer is Called the Dog Days

Why the Mass-Banning of Something is Called Boycotting

Why the Moon Looks Bigger on the Horizon Than When it is Higher in the Sky

Why the Same Side of the Moon Always Faces the Earth

Why the Speed of Seafaring Vessels Measured in Knots

Why the Toilet is Called a John

Why the Toilet is Commonly Known as The Crapper

Why There is an Area of New York Called the Bronx

Why There is Braille on Drive Up ATMs

Why Turkeys are Called Turkeys

Why Voices Squeek Dring Puberty

Why was Tuberculosis Called Consumption

Why We Divide the Day Into Seconds, Minutes, and Hours

Why We Have a Seven Day Week

Why We Sing Auld Lang Syne on New Year’s Eve

Why When We Want Something Done Quickly We Say Stat_01

Why You Generally Shouldn’t Put Metals in a Microwave

Why You Used to Have to Use Number 2 Penciles on Scantrons

Why Your Nose Runs When It is Cold Out

Why Your Stomach Growls When You’re Hungry

Why Zippers Have YKK On Them